Describe the radiometric dating methods

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I am merely going to point out that there are more scientific anomalies in the theory of dinosaurs than there are evidence that dinosaurs did exist. In fact, one of the biggest reasons to doubt the theory is that in fact there is no scientific evidence. I will get to that in the following top ten list. So, is the theory of Dinosaurs a hoax?
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Non-Radiometric Dating Methods

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Radiometric dating - definition of radiometric dating by The Free Dictionary

Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in an apparently irreversible succession from the past , through the present , into the future. Time has long been an important subject of study in religion, philosophy, and science, but defining it in a manner applicable to all fields without circularity has consistently eluded scholars. Time in physics is operationally defined as "what a clock reads". The physical nature of time is addressed by general relativity with respect to events in space-time. Examples of events are the collision or two particles, the explosion of a supernova, or the arrival of a rocket ship. Every event can be assigned four numbers representing its time and position the event's coordinates.
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Difference Between Relative Dating and Radiometric Dating

The adoption of the Gregorian Calendar was an event in the modern history of most cultures and societies, marking a change from their traditional or old style dating system to the modern or new style dating system that is widely used around the world today. Some states adopted the new calendar from , some did not do so before the early twentieth century, and others did so at various dates between; however a number continue to use a different civil calendar. For many the new style calendar is only used for civil purposes and the old style calendar remains used in religious contexts.
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The main characteristics of the linen canvas used for the earlier version portrait were straightforward: plain tabby weaves with an average thread count of 18 threads per cm warp, and 16 threads per cm weft, crossing each other of course, and with some variations in thickness. The result is a warp that is slightly tighter than the weft. That Leonardo would choose available canvas instead of a wood panel upon which to paint a portrait is really not that surprising.

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