Verona is a city in the north of Italy and is known for its Roman, medieval and Renaissance architecture.  Annual fairs and operas make this city a favorite among many tourists.  Operas are held in the Arena, an ancient Amphitheatre, designed by the Romans.  It provides seating to more than 22,000 people.

Visitors pay a trip to a magnificent Romanesque church called Basilica Di San Zeno Maggiore.  It is adorned with a 12th century bronze door with scenes from the Bible depicted on it.  A museum of arts can be seen in the 14th century palace called Castelvecchio.


Verona houses a magnificent Gothic church; Chiesa Di Sant’Anastasia built in the 13th century that is bestowed with an embellished interior.  The Cathedral Duomo, built in the 14th century was primarily a Roman basilica.  Duomo is known for its architectural beauty.

Verona houses a wonderful square called Piazza Delle Erbe that is surrounded by lovely medieval townhouses and palaces.  This square is embellished with a fountain at the centre.  Tourists revel at the sight of another square called Piazza Dei Signori that is surrounded by 12th century architecture.  There is a majestic monument to Dante at the centre.  Visitors would do well to pay a trip to the Roman Theater or the Teatro Romano that was built during the rule of Augustus.

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