Venice Biennale

Tourists who are interested in art should not miss visiting the Venice Biennale. Known popularly in the English language as the Venice Biennial, it constitutes of a great contemporary art exhibition that is held once every two years. The events held over here include the Venice Biennale of Architecture and the Venice Film Festival.

Those who are historically inclined will love to know that the first biennale was held more than a century ago in the year 1895. An important role was played by decorative arts on that occasions and a couple more that followed. However, it was only during the initial decades of the twentieth century that the biennale became popular.

From 1907 onwards the show picked up pace and overseas countries too took part in the festivities and also set up their pavilions in the exhibition. This exhibition was briefly stalled for a period of six years during the course of the second world war. However, it resumed operations post 1948 with more attention towards the European avant-garde movements and the worldwide movements in contemporary art. Few people are aware of the fact that the control of this biennale belonged to the Venice city council who passed on the same to the national fascist government in 1930 post which several new sections were established in the event.