Venetian Arsenal

Those who are interested in ships, specially armed ships, should not miss this one. Just close your eyes and go back in history and you can hear the sounds of naval guns booming. The Venetian Arsenal was the backbone of the naval power of the city during the middle part of the second millennium.

It was a cluster of state owned armories and shipyards. The construction of the same began way back around 1104 during the republican era of Venice. The area was surrounded by a huge, 3.2 kilometers long rampart where shipbuilders and laborers worked for constructing ships that sailed from the city port.

Take some time to move around to the different parts of the arsenal and you will discover that each section was devoted to building a specific and prefabricated part of the ship.

Apart from ships, the Venetian Arsenal was also used for manufacturing various types of maritime implements like rigging, rope, and ammunitions. Once the prefabricated parts were completed, they could easily be assembled into a total ship within the time span of a single day.

Wood required for the construction of ships was sourced from a forest in the Montello hills, which was exclusively owned by the Arsenal’s navy.