St Mark’s Clocktower

If you are traveling to Venice from America or from some other time zone, then you need to change the time of your clock. The best way to do so, and visit a renowned tourist spot in the bargain, is by visiting the famous St. Mark’s Clocktower. Also known as the Torre dell’Orologio, this building that lies on the northern side of Pizza San Marco, is a prime example of an early renaissance building.

Tourists will love to know that this building dates back to the late fifteenth century. It consists of a tower that contains the clock and there are some other smaller buildings on either side of the tower.

There is no use in checking the mechanism of this antique clock, since it has been altered quite a number of times. The reflection of the clock on the waters of the lagoon is a treat to the eyes.

What makes this clock unique from others round the world is that it also displays the phase of the moon and the current sign of the zodiac, along with the current time.

From 1858, this clock is honored as the official timekeeper of the city. During the days of old, seafarers used to rely on its time for seeking a favorable time to begin their overseas journey.