Rialto Bridge

Some call it suave, some call it dusky, but the fact remains that the Rialto Bridge (Ponte di Rialto) is where the heart of Venice lies in. Those who have any doubts about architects of yesteryears need just take a look at this structure, completed within three years between 1588 to 1591, to dispel their doubts.

The arch of this bridge, 7.5 meters in length, was so designed by architect Antonio da Ponte to facilitate easy passage of galleys. Visitors who do not sufficient idea about the bridge will be amazed to learn that it was built on nearly 12,000 wooden pilings that have survived four hundred years and still continue to support the bridge.

The Ponte di Rialto comprises of three walkways of which two are along the outer balustrades. Visitors can take enhance their pleasure by shopping their heart out on the numerous shops that line the wider central path. These shops sell various types of items like Murano glass, linens, and jewelry.

This is perhaps the best place to pick up some souvenirs from. The best and perhaps the most enjoyable way to reach this bridge are via the waterbus or vaporetto as they are known locally.