Palazzo Malipiero

While taking a pleasure ride on the gondola in Venice, keep an eye out for the famous Palazzo Malipiero. It is situated in the central San Samuel Square on the Grand Canal.

Those who are visiting the Palazzo Grassi should make it a point to visit the Palazzo Malipiero since both are located quite close to each other. Visitors to this palace never stop talking about its exquisite garden that is in the Italian style.

Check out for its shimmering reflection on the Grand Canal. Those who are familiar with this famous tourist landmark will tell you that it was originally constructed in the Byzantine era.

The complex structure of this palace is mute testimony to its architectural history that is nine centuries old. Throughout these centuries, each and every owner of the palace has left behind their impression on it through their contribution to its work of arts.

The famous Venetian author and adventurer, whose main work is regarded as one of the most bona fide sources of norms and customs of the social life of Europe during the eighteenth century, spent a part of his childhood days in the Palazzo Malipiero.  It was here where he began his successful social life, at the tender age of fifteen years.