Palazzo Dario

Idling lazily on a Gondola along the Grand Canal, chances are bright that the Palazzo Dario might lift you out of your stupor. Also referred to as the Ca Dario, it is one of the most famous and historic building on the Grand Canal.

Many locals also say that this building is accursed with its several owners falling into a host of problems like bankruptcies, murder, suicides, and accidents. However, this should not dissuade you from visiting this palace because a visit to Venice is considered incomplete without viewing it. The first things that will strike your eyes when you see the Palazzo Dario are its Renaissance features.

Originally, this palace was constructed in the floral Venetian Gothic style. This palace was constructed in the fifteenth century and Giovanni Dario, the secretary of the Senate of Venice, commissioned it in the year 1479.

The front fa├žade of the building boasts of the Renaissance style whereas other parts of its body are in the Venetian Gothic Style. This is demonstrated by the use of colored marble stones that contain oriental ornaments. Look upwards and take a look at the balcony. It was added in the nineteenth century and was constructed in the Neo-Gothic style.

The high, Venetian style chimneys also remind viewers about the rare surviving constructions of the old times.