Palazzio Labia

Tourists to Venice, especially those who have a fascination for architecture, should check out the Palazzio Labia, which is a baroque mansion that was built during the 1690s. One can find it situated at the crossing of the Grand Canal and Canareggio.

Though Venice boasts of many palaces, this one is perhaps the last to be built in this city. Take some time to step into its interiors and feast your eyes on the amazing frescoed ballroom, painted by the famous painter Giovanni Battista Tiepolo between the years 1746 to 1747. These fresco paintings depict scenes from the lives of Cleopatra and Marc Antony.

The interior of this palace also boasts of illusionary decorative works by Gerolame Mengozzi Colonna that feature frescoes of balconies, windows and doorways. The frescoes are created in such a way that the objects on it provides an illusion of three dimensions and seem to be real.

This palace also boasts of three principal facades, which are an indication of the wealth of its owners. These types of designs are extremely rare and are hardly visible in the rest of the city. This is the main reason why visitors to Venice must make it a point to visit the Palazzo Labia.