Museo Correr

Close your eyes when you enter the Museo Correr, the civic museum of Venice, and open them ever so slowly once you are inside. Be prepared for a special treat as you are taken long back into history. This museum is a must visit for the general tourists and should not be missed by those who want to know more about the history of the city spanning from the thirteenth to the sixteenth century.

Wander about and treat you eyes to items like military regalia, weapons, paintings, coins, and prints. In fact, most of the items that have survived renaissance and medieval Venice can be found over here.

This museum boasts of fifteen rooms that are devoted to the Libreria Sansoviniana and the Risorgemento and these put together along with the other exhibits mentioned above form a good part of Italian history. Spare a minimum of two days if you want to check out this museum thoroughly. Obtaining a good guidebook helps.

Some of the works of art by the renowned Bellini family should not be missed. There is the portrait of Doge Mocenigo by Gentile Bellini, and a portrait of the crucifixion by Jacopo Bellini. The main museum also houses a smaller one that is dedicated to the Risogimento. Do not miss out viewing Libreria Sansovinaina, which is another important part of the Museo Correr.