Campo San Polo

Why miss viewing the second largest public square in Venice, when it lies just 100 meters from the junction of the San Polo and the Grand Canals? If you visit Venice during the summer months, you might be lucky enough to view open-air cinemas over here too. Tourists will be interested to know that the Campo San Polo has also been used in the past to host events like dances, bullfights, and displays of fireworks.

According to history, Florentine merchants initially hosted a masked carnival in this square in the year 1497. This tradition continues today with the active participation of various street traders who sell costumes and masks in this square during the festive season.

This camp is second in size only to the Piazza San Marco. Few people are aware that this square, paved in its entirety in 1493, was originally dedicated to agriculture and grazing. Do not miss a rare sight in the middle of the square. It contains one of the rare fountains to be found in this city.

This square, where screenings of the Venice Film Festival were held, is also famous for its open-air concert. Those who know well about the history of this place also know about the fifteenth century eccentric friar who burnt all his money in this square… just to prove that wealth is a symbol of pride.