Bridge of Sighs

Have you ever played video games of Spiderman where the villains chase the hero through a number of skyscrapers with the help of bridges connecting them far above the ground? Chances are that the Bridge of Sighs might have inspired the producers of those games, or the Ponte dei Sospiri as it is known locally.

It is said that the bridge derived its name by the sighs of the 19th century prisoners, condemned to death, while they were being led for their execution.

However, this is just another fantasy tale, as many locals will point out. Antonio Contino constructed this bridge in the year 1600 with an aim to join the interrogation room in the main Doge palace along with its prisons.

If you are so inclined, you can opt in for the guided tour of Doge’s Palace, aptly termed Itinerary Segreti, or secret itinerary, that also includes the bridge of sighs. Once you have completed this tour, opt for a veporetto (waterbus) tour of the Rio di Palazzo, which passes under this bridge. This provides you with a beautiful, side profile of the bridge, made out of white limestone and boasting of windows with stone bars.