Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari

Tread carefully on the holy ground when you visit this church, also locally known as `i Frari.’ Located at the Campo dei Frari at the center of the city’s San Paolo district, this is one of the greatest churches of Venice. Known in English as St. Mary of the Friars, this church that is devoted to the Assumption of Mary is famous all over the world for its various masterpieces that are inclusive of Venetian Renaissance art.

The sheer number of monuments to Renaissance artists and sculptors will delight tourists. The Italian Gothic style used to build this church shall delight those who have a penchant for architecture.

The exterior of the church has deliberately been kept simple keeping in mind the Franciscan stress on austerity and poverty. In contrast, the interior is spacious and light plus full of excellent examples of Renaissance art including the sole rood screen that can be found in Venice.

Amongst the various artifacts found on display, some of the popular ones are Madonna di Ca’ Pesaro and the Assumption of the Virgin. The latter can be found over the main altar. Titian whose mortal remains lie buried in a colossal tomb in the church undertook both these works of art.