Archeological Museum

It would not be fair if you visited Venice and missed out on viewing one of its most famous museums, which also happens to be one of the oldest museums of the city. The Museo Archeologico, or the Archeological Museum was constructed in the year 1523 according to the will of Domenico Grimani.

Lovers of art will find in this place a great opportunity to compare modern renaissance art with classical architectural ones. Another important thing that this museum has on display for visitors is its collection of classical sculptures that had a great influence on the renaissance artists of this city.

Though there are many exhibits in this museum some of the most outstanding among them are the statue of Apollo, 11 classical Greek korai that are dressed in chitons. The latter piece of art dates back to the 5th century BC. However, these are not the only treasures.

This museum boasts of as many as 20 rooms and you need to see them all to find out in details about the treasures they hold. If you are interested in Assyrian relief from the 7th & 8th centuries BC, then you need to visit room no. 20. However, the Relief of centaurs by T. Aspetti is located in room no. 12.