Venetian masks

You have to admit that there are certain things about Venice that makes it stand apart from the other cities around the world. Its film festivals, the gondolas, the famous glass `la murrina,’ and of course the renowned Venetian masks. You simply should not return home without purchasing a few of them.

While walking along the lanes and alleys of Venice, you will come across countless souvenir shops. Amongst them, a few shops specialize in masks too.

It will be tough for you to get so many varied types of masks under one shop anywhere else in the world. Such is the popularity of these masks that many countries import them where they are used during festivals and carnivals.

Venice carneval

These world renowned masks are made out of papier-mache. Tourists would be interested to know that these masks are used locally during the Carnival of Venice (known locally as Carnevale). They are used in other occasions too like Halloween and birthday parties.

A few things differentiate these masks from those manufactured elsewhere. Firstly, they are some of the few masks that make liberal use of silver and gold color as is used in the Baroque style of art. These masks are generally available in two types: the full-face mask and the eye mask.

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