Venetian glass

Traveling to a different country and not bringing back some souvenirs is not what the normal tourist would do. Each city in the world is famous for certain things that distinguish it from the rest. Venice is famous worldwide for its Venetian glass. If you are lucky enough, you might even get an opportunity to see how the world famous glass of this locale is manufactured.

The beauty of seeing the molten blob of glass (silica) being shaped at the end of a pipe by a master craftsman never ends in getting appreciative applauses from the onlookers.

While hunting around for Venetian glass, do not forget to check out the small and intricate glass beads that are manufactured by the same glass artists that have provided the world with enameled glass, crystalline glass, aventurine (glass with threads of gold), multihued glass, along with imitation jewelry.

Decorative glass paperweight millefiori

Decorative glass paperweight millefiori

The techniques used by the glass blowers have been handed down from one generation to the next over the centuries. You can purchase various types of Venetian glass objects like small colored animals, vases, and ashtrays. However, you should ask the shopkeeper for `la murrina,’ a slim and round pendant made out of colored glass with flower or spiral patterns.

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