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Who can resist the urge to visit the legendary region of Tuscany, Italy? This area boasts a history so rich that it has changed the face of human history. Be it the arts, politics, or religion Tuscany offers such a rich culture that it’s almost irresistible for a traveler to Italy to ignore it.

Tuscany vineyard

Tuscany vineyard

Any art history expert or aficionado knows that the Renaissance was born in Tuscany. Everywhere you turn there is something that just screams of history. Don’t let the academic end dissuade you from the festivities to be had in the region too! Many of these festivals are world renown and is a major reason for the flood of vacationers who pour into Tuscany each year.

Just a list of the sites to see are enough to get the blood pumping and imagination soaring. You’ve got the Duomo Group one of the most sought after places in Florence where this cathedral has been the subject of historical significance for centuries. It’s dome is a landmark of the region and the cathedral offers views that are second to none.

Chianti is a cute town sitting between Siena and Florence. The wine lovers will thrill at this town as it’s one of the hearts of the wine making world. The scenery has been the subject of many a painting of fine art and that’s why it’s such a location of the top of the chart of Tuscany sites to visit.

San Gimignano is a town in Tuscany that has fourteen towers and churches dot the village and you’ll find a wealth of tasty bistros, fine art, music, and friendly people. You’ll also marvel at the 175 foot tall Torre Grossa.

More wine tasting can be had by visiting the quaint village of Volpaia. Not only is the wine tasting a high point of the visit but you’ll also get to see the tower there. These towers are great places to take the camera and get a great view of the surrounding picturesque landscape!

In Uffizi, Florence you’ll be immersed in the culture that spawned the art loving Medici, creators of the Renaissance. There are almost 2,000 works of fine art located at this location so you’ll be taking part of the adventures of the past right here in the present!

Let’s not forget such places as Lucca, Pitti Palace, Siena’s Camp and Palazzo Pubblico, Cortona, and Voltera.

These places are generally easy to get to by various means of transportation. There is rail, cabs, rental cars. For the more adventurous there are bicycles, walking, and even horseback.

The Tuscany region is just one end of the spectrum to the other regarding fine art, fine dining and beverages, literature and fashion as well. You’ll be surprised at the amount of handcrafted goods that shoppers can get in Tuscany.

From honeymooners to business trips to just family outings, Tuscany offers something for everyone.

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