Just a short distance from Florence and Pisa and several other better known Tuscany towns is the town of Volterra that sits on a hill top like several of the Tuscan towns and cities.

It’s snuggled up with surrounding hills and farmland that’s signature for the Tuscan area.  A little bit of city and a lot of countryside.  It is the center or division of the Era and Cecina valleys.  It looks like a convention of fairy tale architects as it’s scrunched together in an aesthetic blend of castles and fortifications, palaces and narrow streets and avenues that are like magic walkways into the fantastic history of this beautiful town.

Volterra, Tuscany

Volterra, Tuscany

What makes this town a must be at place is that it comprises several ages of history from the age of Rome, medieval, renaissance and modern.  It’s like a living museum of art and culture.

Of course you’ll find simple transportation like buses, bikes, motorcycle, horse, car, and taxis.  You’ll want to spend lots of time on foot so you can get to see the sights up front and shake hands with the townsfolk who have many a story to spin while sipping a bottle of one of the fine Tuscan wines.

Hotels and bed and breakfasts are available and for certain the cuisine will keep you glued to your fork.  The local agriculture provides fresh foods and people there like to cook their meals from dawn til dusk and more.

Places of interest are the Sacred Art Museum a cozy museum of only three rooms featuring church artwork, the Duomo, the Etruscan Museum which holds superb if  not the premier Etruscan art found anywhere.  The Pinacoteca is a place built in the 1300s  and now showcases fine art paintings.

You also don’t want to miss out on the Roman Theater that is over 2,000 years old going back to 10 B.C..  That location alone is worth the visit!