Located in the historic area of Tuscany, Italy is the city of Prato, a great stop for vacationers the world over.

This city has a lengthy history that at one time saw it destroyed back in the 6th century. From there it got on it’s feet and continued to grow during ages when arts, sciences, and wars surrounded the region. Prato is now the capital of Prato Province ever since 1993. It has art, industry, and agriculture. The diversity of interests and industry makes for some fine sight seeing for travellers from all over.

You’ll see ranges of ancient medieval castles and churches. Towering walls of former battlements where numerous combatants met with sword and spear going back to 2,000 years or more. You can see the structures up close, some rebuilt, some on the same sites they’ve been on since the days of yore.

Prato, Cathedral of Saint Stephen, Tuscany

Prato, Cathedral of Saint Stephen

It’s good to know that you’ll be able to travel around the area with general ease using car, bus, taxi, bicycle, and even by mule along the river and hilly pathways. That should give you all the time you need to see the sights, shops, bistros, and museums. Of course you’ll want to chat it up with the locals as you’ll find them friendly and informative as well.

Now let’s take a look at what’s there to see in Prato. You’ll marvel a the Cathedreal of S. Stefano that took from the 1200s until the 1300s to complete. It’s been modified over the years and you can see it’s progression. The Piazza del Comune and the Pretorial Palace is where the Communal Art Gallery is held. You will see a variety of historical fine art schools represented there from the Dutch to the Tuscan and more.

If you want to get medieval and magical just wait until you see the S. Barbara Fortress aka the Castle of the Emperor. It was constructed in the 1200s and is now beloved the world over for housing events as music, lecture, and more. Just imagine walking around in a real castle where royalty reigned and princesses were rescued and all that romantic stuff. Ask to see if weddings or other events might be held there too.

Prato, cathedral bell tower

Prato, cathedral bell tower

The Luigi Pecci Museum of Contemporary Art is of such importance that it is a must be place to be. Let no one fool you. Other museums may boast but when it comes to the finest and most valued works of art in the country of Italy this is the place. You won’t believe what’s housed there and on display. The staff and folks around town know full well the value of this institution and you should too.

Now that you’re aware of the art, how about the food? Well you’ll be glad to know the folks in Prato won’t leave you starving nor without a memory of the finest dishes in Italy. You know of course that Italy is famous for its’ cuisine and it’s chefs and that goes along with Prato as well. Matter of fact some dishes originated from this city. How far they go back no one knows but we’re sure someone will discuss it with you over a meal at one of Prato’s fine bistros or elegant restaurants over a bottle of homemade wine!

With such fresh agricultural produce and foods shipped in daily, you’ll get five start dining no matter where you turn.