Another medieval place to visit in the Tuscany region is the town of Pitigliano located in the Maremma of Tuscany.  It’s a fantastic place that sits atop a ridge looking like fortress out of some Hollywood movie.

Also known as Piccola Gerusalemme which means Little Jerusalem it affords the best panoramic views of the area.  It’s located in the south side of the Maremma area and one can reach Florence, Rome and the Grosseto regions from here or vice versa.  Traveling to the area there’s no airport nor train station but one can get their via bus, cab, or car.  Once there you’ll want to use good old fashioned feet to get around so you won’t miss out on the interesting spots nestled in there but to travel to the countryside you should rent a car.

Pitigliano houses, Tuscany

Pitigliano old town houses, Tuscany

There are the Locanda il Tufo Rosa and the Albergo Guastini for accommodations as they’re the prime hotel and bed and breakfast in the town.  Also there’s a three star family owned hotel called the Relais Valle Orientina about 3 kilometers away.  There are smaller hotels around for your stay as well.

It’s called Little Jerusalem because in the 1500s Jews settled in Pitigliano as it was a safe haven for them from the cities of Siena, Florence and others.  They stayed there until WWII when they had left.

You can see such sites as the 16th century Aqueduct that traverses along the side of  Pitiliano.  The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul which goes back to the Middle Ages and then remodeled in the 1500s and it holds some impressive art.

Pitigliano, Tuscany

Pitigliano, Tuscany

The underground tunnels and caves are there for the adventurous as they were man made by tunneling into the subterranean part of the town and go back centuries.

You’ll have a great time in Pitigliano for sure.