Visiting the romantic and historic region of Tuscany, Italy means a mandatory visit to such beloved spots as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Baptistery, Piazza dei Cavallieri, Campo dei Miracoli, Chiesa della Spina, the Duomo and more.

There’s no end to the great people, fine cuisine, magnificent art, lovely landscapes, and so much more. Vacationers travel to this region on a daily basis and is one of the most visited vacation spots in the world. It’s due to all the reasons listed and you can’t deny it as the place that once was home to Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

That alone is just a taste of the awesome time visitors have when traveling around Pisa, Tuscany.

The airport there brings travelers into the area and from there you can find any number of ways to get around town. There are cabs of course, rentals, even bicycles. In the rural areas it varies and one can even ride by horseback.

You’ll love to travel around but the best way to get around Pisa is on the ground. By foot you can get the full flavor of the locations and have hands on experience. The best part is by walking around you can shake hands with the good people there and get the real deal regarding the history and sites to see. You’ll not want to miss the exquisite bistros that are tucked away. The shops for fashions and souvenirs require some time to see and lots of chatting. Don’t expect to just waltz in and buy and leave, that’s not the Pisa or Tuscany lifestyle. You have to get in there and say hello up front and personal.

Tower at Pisa

Tower at Pisa

Back to the main sites like the Piazza del Duomo, Campo dei Miracoli that is a monument to the Romanesque flavor of buildings found anywhere in Europe. It’s a collection of buildings that has been there since the mid 12th century.

There’s the Battistero also known as the Baptistery which took almost 200 years to complete. The scupture work there goes back to the 12th century as well. The Museo dell’OPera del Duomo is the repository of most of the great artworks of the region.

Let’s not forget the main attraction of the Leaning Tower of Pisa! This one spot is foremost tourist spots of Pisa and for good reason. You’ll find so much here that accommodates you that it’s like it’s own theme park.

You’ll also be thrilled at the festivals held here such as the Gioco del Ponte where residents re-inact a medieval contest where they actually push a cart across the bridge there back and forth to try to move it to the opposing team’s side of the bridge. You’ll find great eats and fine wines when this festival goes into full swing.

Pisa, Baptistry of St John, Duomo Cathedral and Leaning tower

Pisa, Baptistry of St John, Duomo Cathedral and Leaning tower

Talking about good eats, how would you like to visit a cafe that has been opened since 1794! Located at the Lungamo Pacinotti. You’ll find traditional dishes to make you write home about.

So your visit to Pisa is going to be one to talk about a lifetime.