You’ll find lots of history and adventure in Empoli on your Tuscany vacation.  This town goes back to the 8th century first as a castle and then for official recognition in 1119 AD as a city.  The town today is situated around the Piazza Farinata degli Uberti the focus of the city’s historical buildings.

This is a city where fine craftsmanship goes back so far you’ll find yourself steeped in the history of art born from religion and story.  The sites to see are numerous such as the Palazzo Ghibellino home of the Museo Paleontologico and Archivio Storico as well as the Palazzo Pretorio.  We’re talking old here.  We’re talking going back to 1093 AD for the Collegiata di Sant’Andrea that is a must see site for vacationers who love historical venues.  Matter of fact the whole city is like one big art history museum.

You’ll see the Church of San Michele in Pontorme which was painter Jacopo Carrucci’s home and you can see his most famous paintings and birthplace.  You can also visit the fine art glass industry there that has traditions going back to who knows when.  You can actually see artisans making glass products  and get an education at the same time.

Empoli central square

Empoli central square

As old as Empoli is, it’s really kept pace with the modern era sporting the latest technologies and accommodations for visitors.  There are hotels aplenty and in varying sizes.  You’ll find a range of low cost to high end luxury ranges.  It’s wise to make reservations far in advance to get the right accommodations for you and your party.

All in all you’ll find Empoli affordable, beautiful, adventurous and steeped in art and history.  The people there are friendly and know how to treat a visitor.  You’ll find some awesome cuisine both local and global.  There is also shopping and entertainment that is sure to bring smiles from your face. (photo: mockney piers)