Chianti wine region

You’ll want to make a bee line to the Chianti region of Tuscany as you’ll have lots of company showing up to take part in the wines and spirits there.

People from all over the world show up annually to test out their palates and wine tasting skills, savor the legendary cuisine and take in the historical sites.  Situated tween Siena and Florence it has that connection to the ancient world and modern as it has that tourist flow that keeps the town on it’s toes every year.

Since the wine is the main tourist attraction you’ll see that the wine country is quite extensive in size covering much of the areas described and more.  Chianti has so much scenery that you won’t grow tried strolling around in it.  Think in terms of the kind of farming country where stories re born.  Quaint stone houses and small villages that you can really get to meet the people and do some shopping without the pretentiousness and crowding of the big cities and shopping malls.  You’ll find products here that are hand made and will last for yours.  Quite a great spot for buying those gifts for friends and loved ones.

Chianti, Vineyards and olive trees plantations over hills at Chianti, Tuscany

Vineyards and olive trees plantations over hills at Chianti, Tuscany

You’ll want to bring a camera to capture the hilly and gorgeous scenery of this area.  It’s just picture perfect.

Visitors will find plenty of hotel accommodations such as bed and breakfasts and lots of transportation options such as rail, taxi, rental car, bikes, motorcycles and more. Out in the countryside you might get yourself a horse to travel around in.

All in all Chianti may be famous for it’s wines and for good reasons, but it’s also famous for it’s hospitality and wonderful people, cuisine, art, history and picturesque scenery.