Tuscany Farm Holidays

One of the biggest reasons one chooses a farm holiday in Tuscany is to get away from it all. However, getting away by no way means that your accommodations will be primitive or stark. Quite the contrary!  Farmhouses in Tuscany come in a wide array of styles and sizes with varying amenities.  Their unique histories are equally as interesting giving each its own special type of charm.

What Amenities Can You Expect

Luxury villas in Tuscany will vary greatly from the average farm house. Many Tuscan farm houses for example were once the residences of the poorer class.  They can be found located at the foot of great castles.  Contemporary inhabitants have however made sure the classic farm houses are comfortable and up to date with modern conveniences.  Luxury villas will of course have more lavish furnishings and be generally larger.

Tuscany vineyard

Tuscany vineyard

Most farm houses in Tuscany will include bedding linens and the utensils needed to fix simple meals.  Clean service is generally limited to a final cleaning once you leave. If you are staying on for an extended visit then more frequent cleanings can be requested at most Tuscany vacation rentals.

If you don’t want to do the cooking on your vacation, you can order in.  For a few Euros more per day (or on a weekly basis) you can request a breakfast at home in traditional bed and breakfast style.

Tourism is an important part of Tuscany and thrives year round.  If you are planning a farm holiday in Tuscany during the winter months, then often the cost of heating the farmhouse is an extra charge.  During the summer months many farms have swimming pools available for guests at no extra charge.  There are some houses where you must pay for the electricity if you are staying for more than a few weeks.

Tuscan landscape
Tuscan landscape

A Far Away Feeling that is Really Close

You may feel the wonderful relaxation of being away from it all. In reality you have the best of both worlds on a Tuscan farm holiday.  There is a rich assortment of farmhouses within 30 minutes of Tuscany’s most visiting cities, including Florence and Siena.  Here you can visit the best museums, go shopping on the Ponte Vecchio, and dine in the true Tuscan style.

How to Make Your Farm Holiday in Tuscany More Comfortable

When you vacation at a farm house it is a bit different than being in a high rise hotel in the city.  There are advantages such as peace and quiet and more privacy.  You have the outdoors and nature to enjoy at your doorstep.  You also have more space for entertaining and are not just in a bedroom when at your home away from home.  The one disadvantage may be that you do not have all of the same amenities of a large hotel.  This means if you forget your toothbrush, you will have to go farther than the lobby to purchase another.

Being prepared for this kind of a vacation getaway will make it more enjoyable and save you time running around for items you may have forgotten.   To be prepared, using lists and organizing your packing at home can help.  Try using different bags for “bathroom” or “kitchen” items. For example, you bathroom bag will hold medicines, cosmetics, a hairdryer (with European adapter) and other toiletries, while the “kitchen” bag holds small snacks and supplies.

A farm holiday in Tuscany is an ideal choice for year round travel the outdoor environment offers seasonal activities. And remember, Tuscany’s most popular cities are a short drive away.

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