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Often referred to as cute and cozy, you’ll find those two words fit the town of Pienza to a “T”. The birthplace of Pope Pius II who took it upon himself to actually remodel the town in 1459 or 1450, he picked Bernardo Rossellino as his man to do the planning with a renaissance flair.  You’ll find Pienza smack dab in the farms and fields of Tuscany and it’s Val d’Orcia.  It sits on a hill like something from a story book.

Pienza, Main square

Pienza, Main square

Although small, it’s got lots to see and do in Pienza.  From the central square where the design of the town begins to the outskirts of rolling farmland where you can get your hands and taste buds on the astounding wines and foods offered there.  We’re talking fresh foods and home made wines of world class caliber.

Not only is the town unique due to it’s flavor it’s also the one town that is just about as complete and example of total renaissance design inside and out.  Sort of like a renaissance theme park as the good Pope Pius II probably had in mind.

It’s so small that some streets feel like they end before they begin but it’s so cozy you won’t even notice.  There are only around 2,500 people there and you’ll get to meet every one of them if you stand around long enough as they enjoy meeting travelers.  It’s a real bite and sip kind of town where you can try their famous foods and drink and meet the people who grow and make the foods.  Have comfy chats and then go on to a nice hike or bike ride in the hills.  How about a stroll around as it’s so neighbor  friendly that you can’t afford to miss out on the fun.

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