Top Destinations for Kids in Milan

Milan is a well-known destination, which is acknowledged as the world’s capital of fashion. Fashionistas, undeniably, enjoy traveling to this fantastic city, but fashion isn’t everything the city’s all about. On the opposite, Milan is a cultural mecca as well, while being an exciting destination for kids as well. Traveling with children to Milan is a splendid idea. Here are our suggestions for destinations you should consider upon your visit.

  • Il Duomo

Il Duomo is definitely the main attraction point in Milan. Its magnificent, imposing structure is unparalleled. The best thing about Il Duomo is that you can climb its terraces and admire the most breathtaking views over the city. Without fear of contradiction, your children will love climbing the stairs and looking over the beautiful city. It’s also an excellent way to use their energy in a productive way! Not to mention that it introduces them to Milan’s cultural background.


  • Milan Science Museum

Milan Science Museum is acknowledged as the largest science center in Italy. What is great about the museum is that it has numerous interactive exhibits children will find exciting. Therefore, this is the place to go with kids and teenagers alike. There are also some impressive recreations of Da Vinci’s model drawings. There is a particular area dedicated to children of three to six years old.

Milan Science Museum

  • Soccer match

Soccer enthusiasts have the unique opportunity of watching a thrilling match at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza. This is the home stadium of the highly acknowledged AC Milan. Ideally, you should consider checking the schedules before your arrival. Italians love football, and experiencing the excitement of participating in a live game is incomparable. In the case in which there isn’t any game during your visiting days, you can always choose to visit the stadium, which is a great thing to do, especially if your kids love soccer.

suso goal at ac milan - inter milan


  • Castello Sforzesco

Castello Sforzesco dates from the 15th century and is one of Milan’s most important landmarks. Kids will enjoy visiting the castle since the exhibits are absorbing and varied. After you’re done visiting the castle, you can head to the park, located in its proximity, and enjoy some time outdoors.

Castello Sforzesco

  • Civic Aquarium

In the proximity of Sempione Park, there’s an aquarium you can visit free of charge. It presents an astounding selection of lobsters, turtles, fish, from Italy, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Not only that it is a great attraction for kids of all ages, but it’s also free.

Civic Aquarium

Milan Airport Transfer

Although traveling with children is a great family experience, it can also be challenging, especially when it comes to airport transfer. Public means of transportation do tend to get crowded at peak hours, which is why private airport transfers are hassle-free, efficient solutions for families with children. After booking your journey, you are provided with information regarding pick-up instructions. You’ll be greeted by a driver, at the fixed hour of your arrival. Plus, in the case in which your flight is delayed, the driver will be notified.

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