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Venice gondolas

A gondola ride in Venice can be a romantic voyage for two. Or it can be a fun group activity shared by half a dozen. Morning, afternoon, evening or nighttime are all options. Long, short and in between rides are all possible. Along the Grand Canal or out of the way locations are available. In […]

Venice villas

Venice has an array of villas that are historically interesting and beautiful to see. They make for another outstanding thing to do in a city already filled with so many.

Venice vacation guide

Venice isn’t just romantic. It isn’t just filled with art treasures. It doesn’t merely host an array of the finest architecture, villas and palaces. It is all this and more. Much, much more. St. Mark’s Basilica is just one example among so many. This church is the rival of St. Peter’s in Rome. Not as […]

The Doge’s Palace in Venice

The palace is located at one end of the Piazza San Marco and forms part of that impressive area in the heart of Venice. Despite fires, earthquakes, damage from Napoleon’s war machine and much more, it stands today as one of the premier symbols of this amazing city.

Grand Canal in Venice

A ride along the Grand Canal can easily be the highlight of a trip to Venice, and there are several ways to go about it. Gondola rides are ever popular, despite their somewhat high price. Groups up to six can board and split the price.

Venice Carnival

Venice takes place typically in February, and continues for about two weeks. Gondola rides down the Grand Canal take on an especially delightful air during the festivities. The already beautiful boats are decorated and one can observe costumed merry-makers gliding down the waterway singing lusty songs.

St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice

St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice was built in the late 11th century. The facade is essentially drawn from early Constantinople, lending the building its Byzantine appearance. There are literally hundreds of small areas that merit a look in St. Mark’s Basilica.