Trajan’s Market

In being the treasure house of ruins related to the city of Rome, the Trajan’s Market is a large complex in Rome that was built by Apollodorus of Damascus in AD 100-110, as this architect also had the habit of following Trajan during his adventures.


Spotted at the Via dei Fori Imperiali, Trajan’s Market reveals new insights and treasures about Ancient Roman architecture. Believed to be the oldest shopping mall in the world, arcades here were the administrative offices during the time of Emperor Trajan.




The significant features of the Trajan’s Market include the remains related to a library and delicate marble floors, and the new Museum pertaining to the Imperial Forums unveil priceless artifacts that belonged to the ancient Rome’s forums. Via IV Novembre provides the entry, as the visitor is taken into a shopping area and at the hall’s end, there is a large balcony that offers delightful spectacle of the markets, Vittoriano and Trajan’s Forum.

The lower part related to the front portion of the Trojan’s Forum contained shops that were selling wines, oil groceries, seafood, fruits and vegetables. A shop found in this market is referred to as the taberna. One can also find two large halls in the lower part that were probably put to use for auditions or concerts. The market takes the roof in the form of a concrete vault that gets raised on piers, and the market has been constructed out of concrete and brick.