Santa Prassede

An ancient titular church which is also a minor basilica in Rome is the Santa Prassede, a hidden gem found near Santa Maria Maggiore. Pope Hadrian I had commissioned the erection of this church around 780, as this basilica was later decorated and enlarged by Pope Paschal I in c. 822. Also, Santa Prassede is dedicated to Saint Pudentiana and Saint Praxedes, daughters of Saint Pudens, the first Christian converts of St. Paul in Rome.

The nave here unveils 16 granite columns as well as 6 piers that form the two side aisles. The architrave placed near the altar is made from that of the ancient Roman fragments. Right behind the altar one can find the oil painting portraying St Praxedes gathering blood pertaining to the martyrs, which was painted by Domenico Muratori during c. 1730-35.

The frescoes belonging to the ninth century can be located to the left portion of the apse, which depict the martyrdom of saints. A porphyry disk found at the back of the nave, a marble slab, tomb pertaining to G.B. Santoni and a plaque that lists the relics that have got placed in the church are other significant features of Santa Prassede. A large chapel contains the tomb pertaining to Cardinal Anchero and the Capella del Crocefisso contains a medieval crucifix. The apse mosaics here also portray Christ at the second coming.