Santa Maria in Aracoeli

As a titular basilica, Santa Maria in Aracoeli in Rome takes its place on the highest summit found on Campidogolio. This church was called as Santa Maria in Capitolio originally, as it was renamed in the fourteenth century. As mentioned in 574, the foundation pertaining to this church was laid on that of the site related to a Byzantine abbey.

The façade here is original, with the Gothic windows coming as the only Gothic element. There is a tympanon found above the south door that has a mosaic related to The Madonna and Two Angels, and the impressive feature here happens to be the stairs that lead up to this church. There are about 124 steps that ascend steeply on the Capitol Hill. It was added by Simonne Andreozzi in 1348. The frescoes by Pietro Cavallini were used to decorate the interior of the church, but only one has got preserved in the long run.

The tomb of Cardinal Francesco Mantica can be seen at the church, as one can spot the three aisles getting divided by 22 columns that have been salvaged from that of other buildings. The painting related to Battle of Lepanto decorates the wooden ceiling here. The sanctuary unveils the Byzantine icon related to Madonna and Child and one can come across two Cosmatesque ambones, pulpits here.