Rome’s top pizza restaurants

Italy is without doubt the home of Pizzas while Naples happens to be the headquarters of the pizza industry. That is according to those who enjoy pizzas. However you will equally get tasty pizzas in the capital of Italy Rome. A visit to Rome is not complete until you eat one of the most delicious meals in the world.


One thing you will find about pizzas in Rome is that they are quite different from those in Naples. The Roman pizza is slightly thin but crunchier compared to the Naples pizza. The roman pie also has quite a huge amount of pizza added on top when you compare it to the conventional margarita in Naples.

Whatever it is that you would like to eat your pizza with, be it dessert or salad you will be sure to get in plenty inmajority of thecity’s restaurants. Depending on your budget you will get top notch quality service befitting a king .You can choose where to have your pizza from whether it’s in an open air restaurant in the middle of the street or at a secluded area.

Let’s have a look at some of the top restaurants you will find in Rome. The Da Baffeto located near the famous Piazza Navona is said to be the most well known pizza spot in the entire city of Rome. Guests are required to queue in order to get to a table due to the high number of customers the restaurants gets every day. This is attributed to their finger licking king size pizzas. The queuing is worth the scrumptious pies you get at the end for a good fee.

The second restaurant is the Dar Poeta. Here you will come across conventional Roman pizzas that have a modern touch to it with green apples on top. It is interesting to note that their bread is unleavened .You can ask for some dessert asr your pie gets ready.

The Da Vittorio restaurant is found in the Trastevere area just like the Dar Poeta restaurant. Their pizzas have borrowed a lot from those made in Naples. It has lots of unique blends plus a variety of top layers. The pizza here will definitely prompt you to always make a visit to the restaurant whenever you are in town. The restaurant allows you to make reservations something that helps you avoid wasting time waiting for your pie to be prepared.

La Gallina Bianca is a restaurant a few blocks from the train station called termini. You can come here for your lunch or dinner. They not only serve crunchy pizzas, they also have delicious pastas as well as a selection of good wine.

Est is one of the oldest restaurants in town offering superb service as well as delicious food and a lively atmosphere. Finally the La Monte Carlo which is known for its crisp pizzas served with delicious desserts.