Rome Restaurants

Looking for the best restaurants in Rome? Choosing the best can be a dizzying task, as the city of Rome is with hundreds of excellent restaurants. Rome restaurants vary enormously from a high-end gustatory palace with a German chef, to a simple favorite Roman pizzeria. The good news is! Getting bad food in Rome is very rare.

Here are some of the best Rome restaurants highly recommended by Romans living in Rome:

Rivasdestra Home Restaurant This is one of the best Rome restaurants that feature the charm of a living room, furnished with elegance and care that makes each diner feel at home. The restaurant opened recently in the heart of Trastevere, a scenic medieval area situated on the west bank of the Tiber. The restaurant seats a maximum of forty-five guests, and facets a blend of new Mediterranean taste, classic flavors and aromas, skillfully combined by Chef Massimo Silvetti with only the fresh and seasonal ingredients. A fine and great wine selection with more than forty labels compliments every cuisine.

Agata e Romeo One of the most stylish Rome restaurants, Agata e Romeo is famous throughout Rome. Although a little expensive, the restaurant offers classic Roman and southern Italian dishes, tastefully prepared by Agata using the best ingredients possible. The restaurant provides a wide selection of both international and domestic wines from its cellar, as well as carnivores, fish lovers, and vegetarians all catered for by a menu that often changes. For desert, Agata’s gorgeous homemade millefoglie, a light and puffy pastry with almonds and cream, will surely complete a wonderful meal.

Maccheroni (Trattoria) The name of this distinctive restaurant is also one of Italy’s most popular dish worldwide, located in the heart of Rome’s most ancient districts and nearby piazza Navona and the Pantheon. This restaurant has preserved and emphasized the charming details of its rustic structure, for a welcoming and intimate ambiance. The menu offers real traditional homemade Roman cuisine, as well as regional Italian specialties. The wine list of the restaurant includes a house wine, Chianti, and the best labels of Italy.

Antico Arco This authentic Italian restaurant was started by three friends in the mid-nineties, and has grown popularity throughout the years. For favorite starters in this restaurant, the risotto with Castelmagno cheese is recommended, while the duck breast in raspberry sauce is a famous entrée.

Convivio This is one of the best Rome restaurants tucked away in an alley, so one must be careful not to miss this hidden gem. The restaurant’s Chef Angelo creates excellent specialties such as lamb roll stuffed with herb fitters and seafood salad, which is a mix of mussels, clams, squids, prawns, and whitefish. Every guest can savor the best of its cuisine together with the owners’ personal attendance.

Other Rome restaurants considered the best include Antica Pesa, Enoteca Ferrara, Riccioli cafĂ, Baffetto, and Montecarlo.