Rome airports

Rome has been and is still one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. With the surge of foreign guests, it has become a necessity to provide more flights in and out of the city.

The Rome Leonardo da Vinci Airport is the Rome airport that is more familiarly known as Fiumicino. It is about 18 miles or 30 kilometers south-west of the city and is linked by the highway and the railway network of Rome. This Rome airport is able to handle several international and domestic trips including daily ones to and from the United Kingdom. It also has three huge passenger terminals, all of which are busy most of the time. Free-of-charge information or help desks can also be found in each of the passenger terminal inside this Rome airport. The Rome Leonardo da Vinci Airport also provides flight access to several major airlines, making travel more convenient.

Another Rome airport is the Rome Ciampino Airport which is conveniently 15 kilometers from the center of Rome. It handles several international and domestic flights and has four passenger terminals, each with an information desk. Both the Arrival and Departure areas have nurseries and staff that are readily available to assist passengers. Taxis and buses abound the airport. There is also a bus that takes the passengers to the railway stations for those who want to take the train to central Rome. This Rome airport is also full of shops and cafés which make waiting a lot less of a burden.

If you are arriving at a Rome airport from an international flight, you probably feel wiped out. Thus, it is a good idea to spend a night or two close to that Rome airport. However, if you are traveling from within Europe, the plane ride is less likely tiresome. You can always just pick up a car rental or even take the train to wherever you plan to head out first.

If you’re leaving Rome, make sure that you are in the airport at least 2 or 3 hours before your scheduled flight. Allow at least one hour travel time towards the Rome airport even though it usually just takes about 30 to 40 minutes to get there. It is also a good idea to stay close to the Rome airport or stay at an airport hotel on the night before your scheduled departure to ensure that you will get there on time.

Both Rome airports work like most of the major airports in the world. And like any other, there are bound to be hitches that some passengers may go through. All these are just part of the bittersweet travel experiences that tourists just have to live with.