Piazza Venezia

Located in central Rome, Piazza Venezia is named after Palazzo Venezia that is found nearby the square. The Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II is an imposing monument that has a dominating presence at this square. When excavations were carried out here in 2009, ancient remains of Emperor Hadrian’s Athenaeum had got unearthed here.


Cardinal Pietro Barbo built Palazzo Venezia between the years 1455 and 1464, and the palace happened to be a papal residence until the building was handed over to Venice. Home to the museum called Museo del palazzo this building unveils a collection pertaining to historic arts that includes early Renaissance paintings, tapestry, sculptures and ceramics.



The Piazza Venezia square is a busy place in Rome, as the Altare della Patria happens to be a part of Vittorio Emanuele II monument. The tomb pertaining to the Unknown Soldier here is guarded, as one can spot guards standing on each side of the tomb. From this monument found at Piazza Venezia, one can drink down the splendid view found across that of Foro di Traiano, which is but the Trajans Forum that dates back to 2nd century AD. To the right of this monument is the Chiesa di Santa Maria, where the beautiful interior has resulted from the work carried out during different time periods as well as with different styles.