Piazza della Rotonda

Piazza della Rotonda is the square found in front of the famous Pantheon, and this grandiose monument that has become an inherent character of this square has paved for the square to be called a s the ‘square of the pantheon’.

It was Marcus Vispanius Agrippa who erected this Pantheon initially in 27 BC, and in 123 AD it was rebuilt by Hardian. Pantheon, as on now is one of the major tourist attractions at Rome that draws a huge crowd.

At the centre of Piazza della Rotonda, the elegant marble fountain can be seen as it is decorated with maskarons and dolphins that was put in place during the time of Clement XI. This fountain had been surmounted with that of an obelisk, which was done way back in 1711. The obelisk was taken from Iseo Campense and was placed at Piazza della Rotonda.

Piazza della Rotonda is the popular meeting place where individuals of various ages assemble, and one can come by bars, cafes and tea rooms that encircle the fountain as well as the square as it also creates a lively nocturnal atmosphere here. Piazza della Rotonda is also a stomping ground for tourists, as it brims with activities with the specialty coming in the form of cream-filled bignes, which can be tasted at the Di Rienzo Bakery here.