Piazza della Minerva

Piazza della Minerva is a square found near the popular Pantheon in Rome. The square takes its name from the temple that was constructed here by Pompey and which was dedicated to Minerva Calcidica.

The only Gothic church to be found in Rome is located at this square, which is the church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva. The church houses the tombs related to St. Catherine of Siena as well as that of Fra Angelico, the Dominican painter.

The heart of Piazza della Minerva unveils the elephant statue that had been designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, as there is an Egyptian obelisk on top of the statue. The obelisk is one of the smallest of its kinds to be found in Rome. The obelisk had come from the Iseum, and from Roman people’s story, Bernini had sculpted a pig having been uninspired by an elephant.

The Palazzo Fonesca, the sixteenth century beauty stands to the right side of the church, and the site since 1832 had housed one of the historic hotels to be found in Rome known by the name of Minerva. The famous guests who had stayed here include Jose de san Martin and Stendhal.

The Palazzo deli” academia ecclesiastica found opposite the church was built in the fourteenth century and was later rebuilt in the year 1878. It happens to be an academy that is involved in the training of diplomats of Vatican City.