Piazza Colonna

Found at the heart of Rionne of Colonna in Rome, Piazza Colonna has taken its name from the marble Column of Marcus Aurelius, as this column has taken its place here since 193 CE. The Saint Paul statue in bronze crowns this column, and it was placed in the year 1589 after Pope Sixtus V ordered such a move.

Piazza Colonna is a rectangular square, where the Palazzo Chigi is found at the northern sectors of this square. It was an Austro-Hungarian empire’s embassy and it presently serves as the seat related to the Italian government.

The fountain that can be found at the Piazza Colonna rises from that of an octagonal marble tank, which is seen resting on two steps. The restoration of this fountain took place in the year 1830 as two dolphins were added to the fountain, with their tails entwined.

Palazzo Colonna can be spotted in the eastern section of this square, as one can spot the Church of Santi Bartolomeo ed Alessandro dei Bergamaschi at the southern part of Piazza Colonna. The flank related to the Palazzo Ferraioli can also be seen at the southern section of this square.

Palazzo Wedekind that dates back to 1838 takes its position in the western section of Piazza Colonna, as it comes along with a colonnade pertaining to Roman columns that were taken from Veii.