Palazzo Madama

As a palace in Rome, Palazzo Madama presently is the home related to the Senate of the Italian Republic. It was erected nearby Piazza Navona and on top of the ruins pertaining to the ancient baths of Nero. The building of Palazzo Madama had got initiated during the fifteenth century for that of Medici family and was completed in the year 1505. Two Medici Cardinals, Giovanni and Giuilano who were cousins and later got elevated as popes stayed at Palazzo Madama.

Palazzo Madama is named after Madama Margherita of Austria who had married Alessandro de’ Medici. The current façade of the palace was built by Cigoli as well as Paolo Marucelli during the mid 1650s. Also, Paolo Marucelli brought in additions in the form of whimsical decorative urns and ornate cornice on the roof.

The House of Lorraine took over the reins of the palace after Medici’s extinction, which then was taken over by Pope Benedict XIV and it was made as the seat pertaining to the Papal Government. During the period related to the Pontificate of Pius IX, the palace was the headquarters related to the Pontifical Post Office and the Ministry of Finance was housed here. After the year 1929, this palace was linked to that of the Palazzo Giustiniani through the means of an underground passage.