Palazzo Chigi

The Palazzo Chigi is a noble residence that overlooks Van del Corso and Piazza Colonna in Rome. Palazzo Chigi had been initiated by Giacomo della Porta in 1562 as Carlo Maderno completed it by 1580.

Constructed for Aldobrandini family, the Chigi family purchased the palace in 1659. Palazzo Chigi was then remodeled through the efforts of Fellice della Greca as well as Giovan Battista Contini. Some of Palazzo Chigi’s rooms still carry decorative items in the form of mirrors, furniture and paintings that belong to the Chigi’s collection.

Palazzo Chigi unveils a broad stairway, five floors, as the stairway paves the way for the living rooms. There is also a courtyard that has been decorated with that of a fountain, which had been designed by Giacomo della Porta. The fountain found at the Palazzo Chigi has served as an inspiration for many sites found in Rome as well as in other Italian cities.

Having served as the residence related to the Austro-Hungarian ambassador, the Italian state bought the palace in 1916. From being held as the seat pertaining to the Minister for Colonial affairs, it got elevated into being recognized as the official meeting place where the Council of Ministers met. Now, Palazzo Chigi happens to be the official residence where the Prime Minister of Italy resides.