Pistoia travel guide

Nestled between the Tuscan areas of Florence and Lucca is Postoia the capital of the Pistoia province and is a definite destination for travelers who visit Italy and especially the Tuscany region.  Visitors are often astounded by the legendary Piazza del Duomo which is in the main section or square.  It’s got that medieval look going on and for fans of the Gothic they’ll have to see the Cathedral of San Zeno and the Gothic Baptistery of San Giovanni in Corte.  There’s just medieval architecture and and ambiance all over the place.

Livorno travel guide

Your Tuscany adventure wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Livorno!  It’s unique in that as a port city it has been the landing spot for visiting cultures from around the word.  You’ll find it’s history is well represented here as the cross cultural influences still exit to this day. The dress, the cuisine, the art, the people reflect those who journeyed to this port city to escape religious persecution or to become part of the larger culture.

Florence travel guide

Vacationers from around the world flock to the capital city of Tuscany in Italy called Florence. With about 370,000 people it’s the largest population in Tuscany. Home to the birth of the Renaissance it’s a city with so much history under it’s belt it’s no wonder they have such a thriving tourist industry.

Vacation in Tuscany

Who can resist the urge to visit the legendary region of Tuscany, Italy? This area boasts a history so rich that it has changed the face of human history. Be it the arts, politics, or religion Tuscany offers such a rich culture that it’s almost irresistible for a traveler to Italy to ignore it.

Ancient Rome Architecture

Ancient Rome architecture took on the external language of classical Greek architecture for their own intentions, which were very diverse from Greek structures as to craft a new architectural style. The two styles are frequently considered one body of classical architecture, which sometimes is a productive approach, and at times it hinders understanding through judging Roman buildings by Greek standards.

Naples tourist attractions

It there is a place in Italy that really captures the many hearts of tourists and Italian themselves that would be no other than Naples. You can’t blame them for falling in love with this enthralling place. Naples is the amalgamation of the then and now. The historic edifices along with its old ruins blended with the ultramodern structures that emphasize abundance and forward-looking perspective.

Golf Courses in Naples

Golf has been around for decades. Hundreds of people from Naples, Italy and from other parts of the world have played the sports at various golf courses. So if you are currently staying in Naples and considering playing the game, it would be interesting to know where you can find golf courses in Naples, Italy.

Pompeii Ruins

Pompeii is also known as the forgotten city since its name is quite synonymous to its ancient ruins. Located in the Campania region, near the city of Naples, Italy, Pompeii was practically destroyed during the cataclysmic eruption of the Mount Vesuvius Volcano 79 AD. The city was covered under many feet of molten lava and ashes and had vanished for over 1, 600 years. The doomed city was accidentally discovered by archeologists in the 18th century and found the remains of prehistoric structures and artifacts that brought to light a detailed design of the city during the time of the Roman Empire. The vestiges of the ancient city are what are now popularly known as the Pompeii Ruins.

Holidays in Naples

It is an indisputable fact that Italy is certainly one of the very best places to visit and explore. Its timeless beauty, old world charisma and modern finesse made it a haven for tourists, artists and vagabonds. One of the popular destinations in Italy is Naples, the charming city where the very first pizza was created. Holidays in Naples, Italy would definitely prove to be exhilarating and eventful, to say the least. The city is known to offer the very best entertainments, specifically designed to cater the caprices of even the most discriminating and cultivated tourist.

Rome buildings

Rome is one of the greatest cities in the world, not only in history and culture, but especially in terms of architecture. Rome buildings are some of the grandest buildings on earth as well as some of the most famous ones too. In ancient Rome, throughout the Roman Empire, rich citizens lived in one story buildings with a few exterior windows to prevent noises coming from the streets. They lived in large houses separated in two parts and connected through a small passageway, or tablinum or study.

Honeymoon Vacation in Italy

It is every woman’s desire to walk down the aisle with the man she’s going to spend the rest of her life with. And, it is a man’s greatest wish to give the best honeymoon vacation to the woman he married. The best wedding gift you can give to yourself and to your spouse is a honeymoon in Italy. What could be more perfectly romantic than spending your honeymoon in Italy?

The Seven Hills of Rome

The Seven Hills of Rome is mythically believed to have been found by the twin sons of Mars, Romulus and Remus, who ended up at the foot of the hill Palatine and originated the city. The other six hills are Quirinal, Esquiline, Viminal, Capitoline, Caelian, and Aventine. Rome is known to be built upon these seven hills and form the heart of Rome. Although the Capitoline is the only distinctive hill today, all the seven hills were once recognizable.