Maremma area in Tuscany

Maremma is a place found in the western part of Tuscany. This region is located in the border of Lazio in the south and Umbria near the east. Most part of Tuscany has already been explored and is already commercialized. However, they seem to have left Maremma. Maremma is the western part of Tuscany. The place remains little unknown to many tourists and you can’t even find this place in popular guidebooks. Because of this, the place is less crowded and it is much cheaper to travel to this place than any other place in Tuscany.

Maremma in the past is known to be a mosquito-infested swamp; it is an isolated place when compared with all other parts of Italy. During the ancient times, Etruscans were able to drain the swamps and transform it to a bountiful farmland which provided a variety of crops like olives, grapes, wheat and etc. Etruscans mysteriously disappeared and the place was reverted to its wild roots. This situation remained the same until the arrival of Mussolini. Mussolini drained the swamp again so Maremma came back to life once more.

Today, Maremma serves as a home to Italy’s most wonderful beaches, intriguing hilltops, natural healing springs, natural parks and lush vegetations. Maremma is a fantastic place. Whether you’re a food aficionado, an outdoor person, a laid back type or a history buff, there is surely something for everyone in Tuscany.

Of course, Wild West won’t be complete without the cowboys. The modern day Tuscany cowboys are referred to as the butteri. Modern day butteri are the proud descendants of the ancient breed of men who tended the unique Maremma cattle for centuries.

In Val di Chianti they use bistecca or charolais while in Maremma, they use stamps. They treat their horses with fine hands; using only the thinnest and tiniest spurs and a special bite that will not hurt the horse’s teeth. The horses follow the most unique breeds. The horses are quite numerous and are extremely reliable in any situation. The saddle that the butteri use is called a scafardo made from wood.

The most important tool that a butteri needs is the luncino or a stick with a small hook at the end. This stick is used for everything from opening the door to picking up their hat. Today, these rugged men preserve the heritage and traditions of the butteri. They put up shows for the public and sometimes in certain events. Visit Maremma and you will surely love it.

Author: Article provided by Ippolito, the owner of Pulledraia agritourism Tuscany , wich is a typical farmhouse accommodation in Tuscany located in Maremma region producing organic food and wine

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