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Unique and Scenic Beaches in Italy

Italy, bounded by water to the west, south, and east, boasts more than 4,700 miles of coastline. It’s only natural that the Italian peninsula would include some of the world’s most scenic beaches. From the Italian Riviera to the Amalfi Coast, from the islands of Sicily and Sardinia to the Adriatic Sea, Italy has plenty […]

Top 3 Things You Should Know When Visiting Rome

If you plan to visit Rome for the first time, do a proper research on the things that you should or should not do. You might be focused only on finding a nice hotel or how to get to the main touristic attractions and miss some other important things.

Island of Capri

The enchanting Island of Capri had mesmerized many visitors coming from the four corners of the world. You can’t blame it, because even hundreds of years past the beauty of the island of Capri had seduced foreign invaders.

Vacation in Tuscany

Who can resist the urge to visit the legendary region of Tuscany, Italy? This area boasts a history so rich that it has changed the face of human history. Be it the arts, politics, or religion Tuscany offers such a rich culture that it’s almost irresistible for a traveler to Italy to ignore it.

Holidays in Naples

It is an indisputable fact that Italy is certainly one of the very best places to visit and explore. Its timeless beauty, old world charisma and modern finesse made it a haven for tourists, artists and vagabonds. One of the popular destinations in Italy is Naples, the charming city where the very first pizza was […]

Honeymoon Vacation in Italy

It is every woman’s desire to walk down the aisle with the man she’s going to spend the rest of her life with. And, it is a man’s greatest wish to give the best honeymoon vacation to the woman he married. The best wedding gift you can give to yourself and to your spouse is […]

Luxury Villas in Naples

When in Rome do what the Romans do, so when in Naples, Italy do what the Neapolitans do. Neapolitans love and take pleasure in spending time with their families and friends at the comfort of their own villas. If you want to experience living in a villa there are plentiful villas spread all throughout the […]