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Rome, Italy is a wonderful place to visit, with primary attractions featuring various historical landmarks and sightseeing locations. Of course, the first thing that many tourists want to do in Rome, Italy is taste the local cuisine. Italy is well known for its wonderful culinary options. Here are some restaurants in Rome, Italy that will help a visitor to the city get a good taste of Rome.

Coming from America, it is easy to believe that “authentic Italian food” consists largely of spaghetti and meatballs. However, like every other country, one cannot limit their notion of the culinary options of an area to what has trickled over to America. When I visited Rome, Italy, I discovered that there are a wide range of options, with something for everyone. I quickly discovered that the perception of Italy as a culinary paradise was certainly true. The restaurants below are a bit pricier than many of the restaurants frequented by tourists, but well worth the extra money.

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One excellent option is on Via Dei Soldati and is called Hostaria dell’Orso. It encompasses a great deal of history, with a building dating to the 1400s. With a wide variety of authentic Roman dishes, Hostaria dell’Orso will please just about any palate or taste. A wide variety of wines complement dishes ranging from vegetarian to extra meat, and both “surf and turf” options are available. The price range is reasonable for a location of such historic and culinary backgrounds.

Agata e romero on Via Carlo Alberto has slightly less historical appeal, having opened in 1890, but offers extensive culinary options and an award winning wine cellar. Although the menu may seem at first glance a bit limited to American eyes, it is better to view it as finely honed. Only the best and tastiest dishes in Rome, Italy are available at Agata e romero. Reviewers around the world have exalted this restaurant as one of the best in Rome, Italy. The only caution from this review is that this is a weekday only location, as it is closed both Saturday and Sunday.

For those who simply cannot visit Rome, Italy without trying out some authentic Italian pizza, Da Baffetto on Via del Governo Vecchio offers absolutely fantastic options and was one of my favorite locations to dine in Rome, Italy. Only open for dinner, Da Baffetto offers truly Italian pizza and reasonable prices. The wait can be a bit long, and the service can be a bit gruff, but it is a lovely location for a true Italian meal in Rome, Italy. Don’t forget that Italy belongs to Schengen Area. If you are not sute wheter you need visa or not you will find more details about Schengen Visa information and rules here.

Rome restaurants

This cross section of some of my favorite places to eat in Rome, Italy offers but a small token of the wonderful culinary options available once you have arrived in Rome.

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